Horsell Bowling Club News story

Friday 26th August & Friday 2nd September - Special Club Nights

27 Jul 2022

Hi all,

We will be holding 2 special Club Nights on Friday 26th August (Killer Bowls) and Friday 2nd September (Bowls Bash) full details of both will be provided on the evening but to give you an idea of what to expect...

Friday 26th August 'Killer Bowls' - This is a game played between 3/4/5 people on the same rink. Everyone bowls to the jack (usually 3/4 bowls each), and on each end the bowl furthest from the jack is removed from the rink. The playing order is drawn at the start and you always bowl in that position. When you have no bowls left you are out of the match and the remaining players continue until there is only one player left who will be declared the winner for that rink. We are planning to have a free rink so those eliminated from each match first can play again aginst each other. The exact format will depend on the number of members interested in playing.

Friday 2nd September 'Bowls Bash' - as part of the Bowls England initiative we will be holding a Bowls Bash Fun Day on Saturday 10th September when you will be able to invite family and friends to try out the new version of bowling called Bowls Bash (a bit like T20 Cricket - a quick fun game of bowls lasting no longer than an hour), so in advance of that we thought we would hold some Bowls Bash matches at Club Night on 2nd Setember as a practice for our day event. Bowls Bash is played over 2 sets of 5 ends, between either 2 pairs or 2 triples (both versions each player has 3 bowls per end). No skips are in play and the jack is placed in position at the opposit end of the rink from all the players. Each teams bowl alternatively and points are scored for the closest 3 bowls to the jack, with bonus points for touching the jack and a power play end in each set.

I have added both these Club Nights to the fixture list on the website so you can add your availability. This will be helpful as if we know numbers in advance we can plan the format for each evening.

I hope a lot of members will be interested in joining us for these 2 fun evenings.

Kind regards,


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