Horsell Bowling Club - Captain's Charity

Captain's Charity 2022
The captain’s charity this year is Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS). KSS is an organisation providing emergency medical services through the provision of a helicopterair ambulance covering the three named English counties.  KSS is a registered charity, raising money from public and private donations in excess of £15million every year. The charity's aircraft are based and maintained at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey

Captain's Charity 2021
Our Captain’s Charity this year is Woking and Sam Beare Hospice, a truly local charity, where some of our members have spent their final days.  It is a true charity with the professional staff supported by many volunteers.  Unlike many charities the Chief Executive is also a volunteer. 

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Captain's Charity 2016
Club Captain, Tricia Nigh, has chosen Macmillan Cancer Support to be the focus of fund raising at home matches and other events in 2016.

Captain's Charity 2015

Each year the Club Captain (Tricia Nigh in 2015) selects a charity to be the focus of fund raising at home matches and other events during the season. This year Woking Hospice has been chosen.

Sadly three other friends and long term members, Brian Coatsworth, David Lye and Tony Russell, lost their battle with cancer. Woking Hospice helped all of them during their illnesses, so this year the Captain’s Charity will be for the Hospice. I visited the Hospice with Jan Gillies to find out more about their work and she has written a short report on this as follows:

“Over recent years we have all known friends and fellow bowlers who have been cared for by our local hospices. Last year alone three of our members (Tony Russell, David Lye and Brian Coatsworth, and one past member, who our long-termers will remember, Kath Aldridge) have been patients. 

The hospices offer support and care each year to around three thousand patients and their families in this part of Surrey, both as in-patients and in their own homes. Services include medical care, community nurse specialists, day care, counselling, complementary therapies and spiritual support, all free of charge. The day care units offer bathing services, massage and reflexology, creative arts and themed sessions and provide opportunities to socialise for people who otherwise may feel very isolated. The wards offer respite and end of life care in a peaceful and compassionate atmosphere. 

The cost of all these services amounts to about three million pounds a year, almost seven hundred pounds an hour. Apart from a very small amount of NHS funding, the hospices rely on local fundraising, so we can see that every small amount raised is important. 

We captains are sure that our members will prove as generous this year as you have done for our charities in the past.”

Tricia Nigh, Geoff Plowman, Jan Gillies and Mike Nigh visited Woking Hospice on 29th October 2015 to present a cheque for £ 1,630 that the Club collected for for this year's Captain's charity. They were delighted with the amount we had contributed over the 2015 Bowling Season.

Captain's Charity 2014

Each year the Club Captain (Heather Nice in 2014) selects a charity to be the focus of fund raising at home matches and other events during the season. This year the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, commonly known as just Headley Court, has been chosen.

Headley Court is an imposing 19th century mansion situated near Leatherhead in Surrey. The mansion was purchased after World War II to help with the rehabilitation of RAF personnel injured during the war. Its role was later expanded to include all of the armed services with the aim of returning all injured or seriously ill service personnel to fitness. Their work has increased considerably over the last few years dealing with severely injured service personnel returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The money raised by the club this year will go to providing equipment, which would not normally be available, in the homes of the injured personnel. Funds will also be available to finance trips out and about in the community.

Heather said that she chose this charity after seeing the courage and determination of the injured servicemen and women to lead a normal life and the dedicated work carried out by all the staff.

A cheque for £1,220 collected for the Captain’s Charity, was presented to Marine Warrant Officer George Dent at Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Leatherhead by Heather Nice on 26th September.

This money will be placed in the DMRC Benevolent Fund, which purchases special goods and services for the patients while they undergo their rehabilitation programmes over and above the usual facilities provided by the public purse.